Allsops: our quality is stitched in

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Longstanding funeral suppliers Allsops have introduced a subtle change to confirm their branding and quality to customers.

As a spokesperson explained:

“At Allsops we have always placed a heavy focus on the quality of the products made in our workshop.

“From coffin and casket linings all the way through to the velveteen range; we take huge pride at what the artisans in our workshop can craft.

“So, from now on all orders for our velveteen range, our cordura bags, and any of the other repeat-usage material products we offer, will have an Allsops label stitched discreetly into it.

“Our label isn’t something your families will see; but when you do, you’ll know that you’re receiving an item that was made by hand, in England, by people who care.

“The label will also make life easier when ordering additional or replacement units.

“We’re here to give you one less thing to worry about, and a big part of that is knowing that when you order something from Allsops, you’re getting the best.

“We think that’s worth putting a label on!”

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