Different journeys for three new managers at Westerleigh crematoria

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Westerleigh Group has appointed new managers at three of its 40 crematoria and cemeteries across England, Scotland and Wales – and each has a very different story to tell.

Claire Montague is the manager of Waseley Hills Cemetery & Crematorium in The Midlands, Remy David is new manager of Barham Crematorium in Kent and Joe Jaggers is the new manager of Parndon Wood Cemetery & Crematorium in Essex.

Claire has been at Waseley Hills since it opened in January 2022, first as crematorium assistant and now as manager.

She has worked in the funeral sector for nearly seven years, having had previous roles at West Midlands Safari Park and with a local authority home care team.

She said: “Coming to work every morning to such a beautiful location and working with a team of compassionate and supportive colleagues is a real privilege. This feels like the industry I was always meant to be in.”

Remy David (right) relocated to England from his native France in 1994, spending 10 years in the hotel and catering industry, and then some time in the retail sector before becoming manager of Barham Crematorium.

He said: “I was attracted by the service element of the role, being able to support families in difficult times and provide exceptional service, as well as leading and being part of a team that will have a strong passion for helping people.

“I’m proud to be trusted to lead Barham Crematorium, which has been serving the community since 1956.”

Joe Jaggers (below) has risen through the ranks at Westerleigh Group, from starting as an apprentice groundsman at Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium in Ilford to now being named new manager at Parndon Wood Cemetery & Crematorium.

He said: ““It has been quite a journey to get to this position and I was so pleased to be appointed.

“I love how the days vary in this industry. I enjoy working to help people, be that the families we support or the Funeral Directors. I think that once people get into this industry, very few of them ever want to leave.”