Jersey: sad villagers say farewell to parish peacock

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A funeral took place on the Isle of Jersey for a beloved parish peacock called Henry Percy who died in a hit-and-run during the Christmas break, reports the Jersey Evening Post.

Grouville Constable Mark Labey said the “absolutely beautiful” exotic bird was “the largest peacock I have ever seen, and in perfect condition”.

Mr Labey said they thought he was around 15 or 16 years old at the time of his untimely death.

Henry Percy had been “adopted” by Wendy Durrell, who lives near the Parish Hall and tried feeding him different foods, eventually settling on blueberries and cat food – and above all, blueberry muffins.

After being hit by a car during the festive break, Henry Percy was later propped up by the side of the road by a parishioner.

The parish’s Chef de Police, Drew Livingston, then alerted Mr Labey.

Mr Labey added that as peacocks were wild animals, there was no requirement for the driver to stop, and that it would be pointless to try and find out who had hit him.

In honour of Henry Percy’s love for blueberry muffins, they were served at his funeral, and he was buried outside Grouville Parish Hall, following a short service.

Mr Labey said: “I’ve known him for a long time.

“His voice carried all over the parish … He was kind of the welcomer to Grouville.”

Mr Labey reminisced about the bird’s “beautiful” display and “a very big voice”.

“I only saw him display a couple of times, and to see that is an absolute wonder of nature.

“Millions of years of evolution have come to this,” he added. “We’re just going to miss him.”


Grouville’s welcome – Henry Percy the peacock