New developments – low cost printed coffin interiors

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Personalised funerals have become increasingly popular as suppliers to the funeral trade have sought to innovate and provide opportunities for funeral directors with their service offering. Printed coffins are an example – these have been a fantastic addition to originally a small range of coffins that were truly personalised.

The increasing popularity highlighted the need for Leslie R Tipping to offer an alternative within its own marketplace. It was important for the company to do this at a lower cost to the coffins, supported with a professionalism and product quality that such an emotive choice deserves.

Early in 2022, LRT introduced its new innovative concept of offering families the opportunity to choose a personalised coffin interior via their chosen funeral provider.

The journey from the original idea to a cost-efficient and design-led solution was a challenge. The technology is expensive, advanced and the skill sets required are new to our industry.

Throughout development LRT talked to their customers and indeed the large providers about the possibilities. “We have been overwhelmed with the positive reaction by the many providers that have signed up to launch, ” says Tony Walker, Sales & Distribution Manager.

“We want to update funeral directors on our developments during 2022. Firstly, we are proud to say that this is a UK-designed and manufactured product that’s created new jobs at the company’s manufacturing site in Yorkshire.

“In addition to the technical expertise needed for the high-tech plant and equipment it became very clear there was a requirement for an in-house photographic studio, run by a dedicated design team with a flair for fabric design that would bring clients ideas to life. The printed interior team has employed two graduate designers, who have brought the skill sets that are invaluable when creating interiors using design software.

“To date there are currently circa 120 off the shelf catalogue designs, all of which will be showcased on This will be a trade only interactive website, allowing funeral directors the opportunity to show clients what is readily available.

“We will also offer a true bespoke design service. This service will allow clients to fully visualise ideas once interpreted by the designers. Proofs will include 360-degree images before the interior is printed.

“Whether its pictures, letters, poems or hobbies, our design team will be there to assist from start to finish.”

Contact the LRT team on 0161 480 7629 for more details, and advice. They can put you in direct contact with the design team.