Sally is a real West Country boon after 25 years at J D Andrews & Son

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Sally Boon

Devon funeral manager Sally Boon has been recognised for her commitment to supporting the bereaved during their most difficult time over the past 25 years.

Sally has been involved with more than 2,000 funerals working at J D Andrews & Son Funeral Directors in Kingsbridge. She has received a special commemorative award for a quarter of a century of service from her employer, Dignity Funerals.

She said: “Every day is a memorable moment, helping families to create the best funeral for their loved one. It is extremely rewarding when families tell me that I have helped to bring them some comfort.”

Sally started her career in the industry as a funeral service arranger after seeing the role advertised in the South Hams Gazette. In 2001 Sally took up her current position, becoming the first female funeral manager in Kingsbridge.

Reflecting on her career and how the funeral sector has changed, Sally said: “I never thought I would be doing what I am today when I applied for a role as a funeral service arranger, but I have found a career that I like.

“I have noticed services becoming less formal and much more personalised over the last few years. Families have more options now; we can really tailor each service to their needs. I’m also pleased to see that since I started there has been a rise in the number of women joining the industry, especially conducting funerals.”

The coronavirus pandemic has without a doubt been a difficult part of Sally’s career.

She added: “The pandemic has been incredibly challenging. We have had to be resourceful and adapt quickly to changing guidance. It was especially tough when we were unable to have families in our branch, but we have worked hard to ensure that we continued to support the bereaved to organise the best possible funeral for their loved one.”

Photo: Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette