Scotland inspector praises Borders Crematorium team for ‘first class service’ during pandemic

You are currently viewing Scotland inspector praises Borders Crematorium team for ‘first class service’ during pandemic

The team at Borders Crematorium has been highly praised by a regulatory inspector for the service they provide to local families and for their work during the pandemic.

Robert Swanson QPM, Senior Inspector of Burial, Cremation and Funeral Directors (Scotland), said: “The Cremation Authority is very fortunate in having such high-calibre staff who, collectively, are providing a first-class service to the local community and beyond.”

Mr Swanson’s inspection of Borders Crematorium found “no shortcomings in any aspect of the cremation process, with good practice observed throughout”.

During the course of the inspection, he examined the Borders Crematorium Management Plan and said it was: “Of a very high standard, incorporating a great deal more than that required under the Regulations.”

He also noted: “The grounds and Garden of Remembrance were seen to be maintained to the highest of standards.”
The inspections, on behalf of the Scottish Government, are usually annual but in recent years could not be safely carried out because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so the last full inspection of Borders Crematorium took place in December 2019.

In his overall assessment, he highlighted the crematorium’s operations during the pandemic by saying: “Staff are to be commended for their handling of issues relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly during the early stages when the country was operating at different tier levels and attendance numbers were severely restricted.

“Their dedication and commitment, coupled with the precautionary measures implemented, ensured the crematorium remained operational throughout what was a very difficult and demanding period.”

Site Manager Judith Emond said: “I am extremely proud to have such a dedicated team alongside me and honoured to receive a report which reflects the exceptional care we, at Borders Crematorium, aim to provide families.
“We are also very fortunate to work with excellent funeral directors, clergy, and officiants who all share and uphold the same values.”

Borders Crematorium is part of the Westerleigh Group.