Truro: Dawn French reprises Vicar of Dibley role for friend’s ‘living funeral’

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Dawn French (right) with Kris Hallenga. Photo: Instagram

Dawn French has reprised her Vicar of Dibley role as Geraldine Granger to lead the ceremony at her close friend Kris Hallenga’s “living funeral”, reports

Dawn French, 65, got back into her cassock and clerical collar as she delivered an emotional eulogy in the role of Geraldine Granger from The Vicar of Dibley.

The British actress and comedian told her Instagram followers she had reprised her starring role for her friend Kris Hallenga’s “living funeral” in Truro Cathedral.

CoppaFeel! founder Kris, 37, is living with stage four breast cancer, branded the event her “FUNeral”, according to her pal Dawn.

The living funeral was arranged so Kris could be “drunk on love and gratitude” while celebrating her life with her loved ones.

Legacy of Lives also worked with Kris to organise the event.

The star shared a series of photos on Instagram, and captioned the post: “”It was my privilege & joy to Dibley it up at her FUNeral on Sat.

“She wanted to host the best possible party. She did. It was phenomenal.

“So much love filling @trurocathedral. It was her own festival celebrating an extraordinary life. What a total babe.”

Kris also took the opportunity to praise Dawn for the part she played in the day, saying her speech “blew my heart into smithereens” along with the “loving/ funny/ embarrassing speeches”.

I’ve never felt love like it … I’ve never felt so alive

Explaining the reason behind her living funeral, Kris said: “I want to be present at the event where my people have a thing or two to say about me, where I have the opportunity to show how much they mean to me.”

After the event, she shared: “I am still processing all the feelings, the wonder, the ridiculousness, the MAGNITUDE of Saturday (and my adrenaline hasn’t calmed the f down yet) but suffice to say it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

“If you’re a little behind, in January I decided I wanted to organise my own living funeral, my FUNeral, and in doing so celebrate a life that I have truly loved, surrounded by people I loved.”

Kris added: “I’ve never felt love like it. I’ve never felt joy like it. I’ve never felt such kinship with mortality. I’ve never felt so alive.”

The campaigner was first diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer in 2009, when she was aged 23.
She went on to team up with her twin sister Maren to make a change with their charity CoppaFeel!.