Unicorns and tractors set new trends for children’s coffins

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Dan Cox (left) and Steve Richards with some of Colourful Coffins' recent designs

Colourful Coffins says changing trends in children’s coffins means unicorns and tractors are now the most popular designs requested by grieving families.

In recent years princesses and dinosaurs have led the way, themes often fuelled by the latest favourite films.

Colourful Coffins’ Kate Bye says: “Princesses were all the rage for little girls but now it’s all about unicorns – our Unicorn Sparkle and Rainbow Unicorns are especially popular, as is Unicorn Magic for slightly older girls.

“For little boys, dinosaurs and building blocks are out and tractors and cars are in – many families who live in the countryside choose a personalised tractor design, while Duncan’s Car is a perennial favourite.”

The company’s bespoke approach means each design can be personalised, for example with a child’s name or special message, and families can choose the colours of their choice.

While these designs are mainly for children aged 3-10, when it comes to younger children (up to five) traditional designs for coffins and caskets are more likely to be chosen.

Kate continues: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I See The Moon were some of our first designs – the images were painted by my mum Mary’s cousin – and they remain among the most popular. I think when a family loses a very young child, they are drawn to an image which simply embraces the love they shared.

“Our rainbow designs are also very special and we can incorporate different images, such as our Butterfly Rainbow and Glittering Rainbow designs, adding tiny crystal sparkles which really shine in the light.

“We know that the decisions families have to make at a time of overwhelming loss are incredibly hard and we’re always here to help.”

For more information, visit www.colourfulcoffins.com