Google Business Profiles – why you need one now

Google Business Profiles have now become a must-have for funeral businesses when it comes to search results, writes Eimer Duffy (right) from FIT Social Media. If you don’t have one, you might be losing customers to your competition.

What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a free tool Google provides to help businesses with their online presence. It’s an information panel which offers you the opportunity to appear on Google and Google Maps. It provides an opportunity to highlight all your information and services, add updates, social media styled posts, include photos and videos, be contacted by phone and messaging, as well as showcase your reviews.

How to set yours up

1 Go to:

2 Fill in your business details and information.

3 A verification code is sent out and just follow the steps to verify.

What should I be aware of?

Having an accurate, informative and useful listing is essential, online and offline. First impressions count so you don’t want an outdated or incomplete listing. People will look at things such as reviews, your service offerings and what you have posted lately.


You can manage your listing on a computer and the Google Maps app via the Gmail account you registered your listing. From there you can update it, add photos/videos and posts, reply to messages, reviews, questions and so on in a few minutes. And when it comes to reviews ,do ask for “feedback on their experience” using your special review link, and reply within 48 hours.

In conclusion

A well-managed Google Business Profile will help you attract more customers and can really improve your ranking on Google. With thousands of people searching for funeral directors and funeral services every month, not having a fully completed and active Google Business Profile will lead many people right to your competitor’s doorstep. If you haven’t got listed yet, apply today. If you have, review your listing and start making the most of it.

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