Inspired by Matilda: Havant crem installs postbox for ‘letters to loved ones’

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A nine-year-old girl in Nottingham has inspired a crematorium in Havant with a new way to help people who have lost loved ones.

Colleagues at The Oaks Havant Crematorium have installed a post box for ‘Letters to Loved Ones’ after they read Matilda’s story. Nine-year-old Matilda wanted to write letters to her grandparents who had passed away and was granted that wish after a letterbox was installed at a nearby crematorium.

Colleagues at The Oaks Havant Crematorium also wanted the messages to be longer lasting and have provided paper hearts that contain seeds which will be planted in the site’s wildflower meadow.

Sue Mawson, Crematorium & Natural Burial Ground Team Manager, said: “The letterbox has only been in place for around a month and we have already had a dozen or so letters and hearts posted in it.

“It was incredibly moving hearing how the letters helped Matilda express her emotions in a new way and we hope other people can now experience the same.

“Knowing how important after care and support is for bereaved families, this is just one of the ways we hope to help people experiencing one of the multiple levels of grief. Our free Bereavement Care team also works closely with many individuals, and we hope that our offer of ongoing communication will continue to support anyone who needs it.”

The letter box is available for anyone to use and is located close to the car park on the edge of the crematorium’s grounds which includes a wildflower meadow, native broadleaved trees, ponds and a bluebell woods.

The crematorium is set in more than eight acres of semi-natural woodland and wild flower meadows providing a picturesque setting and a space for all cultures, ages and beliefs. The site has also been designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

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PHOTOS: Team manager Sue Mawson with the postbox