Tips on leveraging your funeral home’s online presence in 2024

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With Eimer Duffy, FIT Social Media

It’s nearly 2024 and so a golden opportunity to review your funeral home’s online presence. Having a website is not enough and having key digital assets optimised will raise your profile even more. Here are the four areas I would recommend you look at. Having these looking their very best will definitely benefit your funeral business.

1 Google Business Profiles: free marketing for you

Your Google Business Profile presents an excellent opportunity. It’s more than an information panel. It will increase your online visibility in Google Search and on Google Maps. This free marketing tool allows you to manage how your business appears. Regularly update your profile with photos and videos. Add helpful information and answers to questions. Respond to reviews. And post updates (like social media posts) about you and your services. All will boost your local SEO, making it easier for families in need to find you.

2 Enhancing websites for greater impact

Most potential clients will look for more information through your website. It’s vital that this online space is not just filled with easy-to-find information. Have an approachable tone and a user-friendly design, especially on mobile. Have a designated death notices page, regular updates and helpful articles/blogs. Give clear information on services offered. And an FAQ section to assist families during difficult times. Include personal stories of you and your team. And reviews will add a human touch, making who you are and how you can help more relatable.

Having key digital assets optimised will raise your profile

3 Social media: diversifying your content

Posting death notices is a common practice, but social media can offer much more. Having a pinned death notice post on your platforms will guide people to your website. After that you can keep your feed open for a variety of content. Include informative and educational material eg: funeral planning. Share bereavement and grief support. Sharing community initiatives will foster deeper connections with your audience.

4 Communication advantage of WhatsApp business

WhatsApp Business is the most popular platform in the UK. It allows, with ease, direct, empathetic and secure communication. It features your business information and QR codes for quick connections. Showcase your services on your business profile. Save time with efficient and prompt responses. This is a benefit for people who prefer messaging, rather than calling.

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Thanks for reading – Eimer